Friday, 10 October 2014

Why are EOT Cranes the Most Preferred Ones for Heavy Material Shifting and Loading?

EOT refers to Electrical Overhead Travelling and is the most popular type of overhead cranes that are widely used. These cranes weigh very light, have easy maintenance and are composite in dimensions.EOT cranes are mostly used in situations and locations where heavy materials are required to be shifted from location to another. These are used at the construction sites, refineries and factory areas. Builders prefer using these cranes because of their extreme potentiality of carrying heavy load easily and simply. These cranes are available with bridge girders, long travel machinery, end carriages, trolley assembly and platforms.

There are many types of EOT crane India such as single girder EOT, Double girder EOT, under slung EOT and light weight cranes that come with a convenient control mechanism and have precision on the up-down motion in addition for securing the traverse motion that can be attained by fitting multiple frequency drives in an electric panel.The single girder EOT cranes are mostly suited for capacities from 1 ton to 20 tons. These are of high quality and offer cost effective solutions when it is about proper utilisation of space, offer high stability for very low dead weight, has a maximum hook approach; outstanding travel characteristics ensuring safe and gentle handling and has a span of 5 to 35 metres. The double girder EOT cranes are used for higher capacities, larger span and height of lifts. They offer maximum stability due to double girder box design has a multiple speed selection option for all motions using VVVF Drive or slip ring motors, easy maintenance with walkways and assembly platforms and can take a capacity of 1 ton to 150 tons. These cranes have the span of 5 metres to 40 metres. The underslung EOT crane are mostly used for capacity ranging between 250 kg to 10 MT. These types of cranes are used in situations where the headroom for crane installation is limited with no provision to allow other means of supporting the crane except from the roof.

The EOT crane company make sure that they provide the most suitable type of crane that is according to the requirement of the client and ensure that they are used properly. These companies also offer regular support in case of report of any defects or damages.